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Wednesday, June 28 2017 @ 01:52 PM MST

The gift of submission

CommentaryBeing someoneís submissive is a gift, gifts are given freely, therefore when I give myself to the one whom I chose to follow, and it is freely and willingly. In return for my gift, the one to whom I pledge my gift will protect, nurture and cherish me. The Dominant/submissive relationship is a continual growing and learning one, two human beings with all their frailties struggling to answer one anotherís wants and needs. It is completing for the one who leads can not exist without the one who follows; her pledge and his acceptance of her pledge create the circle. When I displease the one to whom I have given and pledged myself, and I will, then his corrective action will be taken with my best interests in mind, helping me to grow and flourish, to become what I can be.

By my pledge my needs will be met:
- my need to be protected and feel safe
- my need to be accepted in all I am submissive, lover, companion and friend
- my need to know his expectations of me and his respect for my limits
- my need to grow under his guidance, to being lead, not coerced
- my need to express my feelings and emotions
- my need to gain his forgiveness when I err and displease him
- my need to know that due to my accomplishments and despite my errors I am
always loved, respected and protected

Hear this recitation and plea, for my heart, my mind, my very being are committed to this lifestyle.



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