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  • Laura Antiniou Website (2,708)
    The website contains three speeches which Luara Antiniou has made concerning the community over the past several years. Her most recent one was at Great Lakes Leather Fest in August 2007. In addition she has material relating to her books and other writings/
  • Sourhwest Leather Conference (1,734)
    Now in its sixth year, Southwest Leather Conference has become known as "The Leather Family Gathering of Heart and Spirit.” Attracting over 550 Leatherfolk and BDSM Lifestylers of all genders and orientations from all over the world, SWLC explores the interpersonal and spiritual dynamics of BDSM Relationships and SM Practices & Rituals, and provides a vehicle for regional leather clubs, organizations and individuals to gather and celebrate the tribe of which we are all a part.


    Southwest Leather Art Exhibition; Huge Silent Auction; All New Cigar Tent; Vendor Alley; Hospitality Suite; Bootblacking by our Bootblack Contestants


    Over 30 Workshops on BDSM Relationships, SM, and Spirituality; Activities for our Three Title Contests; *Saturday BBQ Lunch; Leather Tribal Revival; *Sunday Brunch/Awards Ceremony/Keynote Speech.


    Formal Opening Ceremonies with Color Guard; Friday Night Oasis; Titleholder Stepdown Speeches & Reception;*"My 2nd Birthday" Dinner Buffet Celebrating Our Post-Bariatric Attendees; Saturday Night Contest & Silent Auction Conclusions; *On-Site Dungeon Party; *Dance of Souls; *Post-Dance of Souls Hors D’oevres Buffet.

    * Not included in registration. Requires separate purchase
  • Leather Views by Jack Rinella (1,717)
    The website of the author Jack Rinella where you can find all of his columns and sign up to have them delivered to your email mailbox.
  • Knights Tournament (1,531)
    Alifestyle weekend with socializing, demonstrations seminars and dungeon play held at a state park location.
  • Leather Leadership Conference (1,489)
    Ninth Annual Leather Leadership Conference will offer a wealth of valuable ideas and tools to those in leadership positions, and to those who seek to take a leadership role in their communities.
  • Thunder in the Mountains (1,397)
    Thunder in the Mountains, LLC, is a private, membership-only club created for education and participation in the safe, sane, and consensual practice of BDSM. Thunder in the Mountains 2005 is a membership-only event which bars admittance to any person not a signed and sworn member of Thunder in the Mountains, LLC.
  • Beat Me in St. Louis IX (1,392)
    An annual 3-day, spring gathering of BDSM lifestylers from around the country
    One of the premier events in the country and a fun, educational event for the entire BDSM/Leather/SM/Fetish community!!!
    Everyone is welcome...singles, couples, and polys, new or experienced.
    Workshops, demos, and educational seminars!
    Seminars both Saturday and Sunday (seminars will last until 3-4pm on Sunday)
    Presenters include Deborah Addington, FifthAngel, and many more!! See our "Presenters" page for more info!!!
    Play parties BOTH Friday AND Saturday nights!!!
    Over 4500 square feet of play space!!!
    Lots of great vendors
    Special prizes and surprises
    And more...